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A Guide to Health and Disease in Reptiles and Amphibians

This 176-page title is the only pet owner/breeder reference on health and diseases in reptiles and amphibians in captivity, published in Australia. Written by practising exotic veterinarians, Dr Brendan Carmel and Dr Robert Johnson, all aspects regarding the captive care of snakes, pythons, lizards, turtles and frogs are presented in a simple to follow layout.

The 240 colour images show examples of typical health problems to assist the herpitologist in recognising signs as well as information about the treatment or action to take to rectify or reduce the spread of disease and support the reptile/amphibian back to good health.

Too many ill animals are presented to veterinarians by keepers who are mortified when they realise that, through their lack of understanding of correct housing, hygiene, heating, lighting, feeding and breeding procedures, they may have contributed to the onset of disease in the animal in their care. Although this is not always the case, a large percentage of sick pythons, lizards, turtles and frogs are due to incorrect management.

Become informed to prevent health problems from entering your collection. Furthermore, become better equipped to recognise signs of illness before further development may prohibit a return to good health.

This book is an essential reference for any responsible keeper of reptiles and amphibians.

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2012 Wildlife Pathology Short Course, Small Animal Necropsy Workshop Notes

During February 2012 the Registry held a Small Animal Necropsy Workshop in conjunction with the Wildlife Pathology Short Course. The notes from this workshop can be found here.

Small Animal Necropsy Workshop Notes

2012 Wildllife Pathology Short Course, Practical Laboratory Skills Workshop Notes

During February 2012 the Registry held a Practical Laboratory Skills Workshop in conjunction with the Wildlife Pathology Short Course. The notes from this workshop include a number of colour images of common faecal parasites and differential cell morphology for amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Practical Laboratory Skills_ Workshop Notes

Sick and Dead Bird Surveillance

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the collection of samples that will lead to a diagnosis being reached in sick and dead wild birds collected in Australia, and will allow testing to rule out the presence of animal diseases of concern to Australia (such as avian influenza, West Nile Virus and Newcastle Disease).

SickDead Bird Surveillance_with images.pdf

Wild Bird HPAI Surveillance Manual

A Joint Publication of the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, and the Zoological Parks Board of NSW. Rome, 2006.

Wild Bird HPAI Surveillance Manual.pdf

Expertise and Resource Registry

An all-in-one booklet containing contact lists of specialists and organisations, mailing labels, lists of services offered and lists of expertise.

Expertise & Resource Registry Feb 2008-Final.pdf

Christmas Island

A report compiled from a 2 day workshop at the University of Melbourne, November 2012, about the Christmas Island Flying Fox

Walshe et al 2012 CIFF Risk based decision report

A 2014 Christmas Island Flying Fox status report

Flakus et al 2014 CIFF Status Report