Wildlife Pathology Short Course, 13-18th February 2012

Wildlife Pathology Short Course Lecture Series Videos NOW AVAILABLE!

The 2012 Wildlife Pathology Short Course was coordinated by the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the C.L. Davis Foundation.  Course content has been remastered and presented as a series of educational videos for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

Videos are presented on a USB stick in .mp4 format for $100 (which includes postage and GST).

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Course Summary

We are sure you would agree that recent events, such as the emergence and re-emergence of Hendra virus from wildlife to cause concern to human health, agriculture, and wildlife health, highlight the significance of having well trained and educated field staff, clinical veterinarians, diagnostic specialists and wildlife managers.

Based on the successful formula established in 2008, we again hosted hosted a Wildlife Pathology Short Course in February 2012.  The aim of this course was to provide comprehensive and systematic training in the investigation of wildlife disease.  In turn, the course will bolster national and international linkages across all sectors involved with wildlife health: universities, zoos, agriculture and environment departments, vertebrate pest controllers, wildlife managers, and wildlife rehabilitators.

It is our belief that building a trained and collaborative workforce ultimately improves our collective ability to detect and respond to wildlife health threats. 

The 2012 course was focused on the more practical aspects of wildlife health, incorporating a series of hands-on workshops including: wildlife disease risk assessment, marine mammal and terrestrial mammal and avian necropsy, invertebrate pathology and basic laboratory skills.

The 2012 Short Course united approximately 140 participants from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Vietnam, India, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. Feedback from participants was exceptional and we are currently collating evaluation forms from both the workshops and short course. Initial review indicates that all participants rated their experience very highly and final results will aid us in planning our prorams in the future. 

If you have any questions regarding the short course, have trouble downloading any of the attachments, or would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

** The Registry would like to thank ALL participants for making the 2012 Short Course such a wonderful event **

Wildlife Pathology Short Course 2012 Proceedings can be downloaded below. If you would like a printed copy of the proceedings, please contact us or download an order form below.

An Overview of Wildlife Health and Disease Ecology

Human Influences on Wildlife Health

Wildlife Disease Risk Analysis for Conservation Management

Amphibian Disease

Pathology of Reptiles

Managing Animal Health

One Health & Impacts of Climate Change on Wildlife Health

Managing Emerging Wildlife Disease

Invertebrate Pathology

Pathology of Wild Birds

Select Conditions in the Pathology of Waterbirds

Selected Viral Diseases of Birds

Pathology of Monotremes

An Update on Devil Facial Tumour Disease in Tasmanian Devils

Pathology of Dasyurids

Koala Disease

Pathology of Bats

Pathology of Macropods

Wombat Diseases


Select Conditions in the Pathology of Fishes

Emerging & Endemic Aquatic Animal Diseases in Australasia

Select Conditions in Sea Turtle Pathology

Ecotoxicology & Wildlife as Environmental Sentinels

Select Conditions in the Pathology of Marine Mammals